• When to Consider Boiler Replacement

    A boiler can provide your home with efficient heating throughout the coldest days of the year. If your home has been relying on the same boiler for more than 20 years, it may be time to contact a company that specializes in HVAC near Seattle . Once a boiler or furnace reaches a certain age, it is important to weigh the relative benefits of repairing or replacing your unit.

    There are several signs that your boiler is ready for replacement. When you notice that the external metal housing of the boiler is showing signs of rust and corrosion, this is a sure sign that your unit needs to be replaced immediately. If you are spending significant amounts of money on the costs of boiler repair, you may be ready to install a brand new system. To determine whether your home is ready for a brand new boiler installation, be sure to get in touch with your heating contractors.

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  • Maintaining Your Boiler

    If you rely on a boiler for your home’s heating needs, it is important to make sure that you maintain your unit properly. A malfunctioning or improperly maintained boiler could leave you stranded without heat while you wait for your HVAC technician to arrive. There are several steps that you can take to maintain your boiler near Seattle .

    First, you should make sure to turn your boiler on at regular intervals. By using your boiler, you can help to prevent it from freezing. Along with switching your boiler on, you should also routinely check the color of the flame. Your boiler’s flame should always be blue. An orange or yellow flame could be an indication that your boiler has a repair problem. Finally, you should also clean your boiler once every month. With the help of a company that offers furnace and boiler repair in your area, you can keep your boiler running great.

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  • What You Need to Know About Fireplace Inserts

    Nothing beats the feeling of curling up in front of a cozy fire on a rainy Seattle day. When you are seeking the warmth and comfort of a fireplace, with none of the hassle, consider fireplace inserts. A company offering boiler and furnace repair serving Seattle will be able to help you choose a quality fireplace furnace for your home. By pairing a fireplace insert with your boiler or air conditioning system, you can rest assured that you will be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, all year long. To help you prepare for your installation procedure, here is a look at what you need to know about fireplace inserts.

    How Fireplace Inserts Work

    Fireplace Inserts A fireplace insert is designed to provide you with the look and feel of a regular fire, but with none of the work. Unlike a conventional fireplace, which will require you to gather firewood and build a fire, a fireplace insert can be switched on with the push of a button. Fireplace inserts can be connected to a variety of power sources, including electrical, gas, and propane.

    The Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

    Fireplace inserts have many benefits to offer your home. When you install a new fireplace insert, you can enjoy a warm and cozy fire, without the mess or hassle. Additionally, fireplace inserts offer much better thermal performance. In other words, having a fireplace insert will warm up your living room or master bed room faster and more efficiently than a wood-burning fireplace.

    Choosing a Fireplace Insert

    There are several factors that you will need to consider when you are shopping for fireplace inserts . First, it is crucial to choose a new fireplace insert that runs on your preferred energy source. For example, if your home is already connected to a natural gas system, you may want to choose a natural gas insert. Additionally, you will also want to select a fireplace insert that matches the style and mood of your indoor space.