Air Conditioner Maintenance in Seattle, WA

Olson Energy Service’s AC Maintenance Services

Air conditioner maintenance is essential to the livelihood of your AC system. Olson Energy Service offers exemplary AC maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner and ensure it’s as energy-efficient and reliable as possible. Our routine maintenance services provide peace of mind, knowing your system is working at optimal levels. An HVAC inspection and maintenance tune-up can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. We’re proud to be your reliable and trusted energy team. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

What Is Included in AC Maintenance?

Our AC maintenance services involve our highly trained service technicians thoroughly inspecting your air conditioner unit. During your AC maintenance visit, we will check all moving parts, check your air filters, diagnose any issues, and answer questions. We will also check the following:

  • Motor amps and compressor amps
  • Fans, blowers, and pumps
  • Pressure valves and controls
  • Backflow preventers

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Seattle

Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

An improperly running air conditioner can wreak havoc on the comfort of your home. It’s critical to get regular AC maintenance for many reasons, including:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Well-maintained AC units ensure all parts are in the best possible condition to run smoothly and help save energy.
  • Lower Energy Costs – When your AC unit operates at optimal conditions, it doesn’t need to work as hard to reach favorable temperatures.
  • Fewer Repairs – Maintaining your AC unit often includes locating minor problems early and repairing them quickly before they become significant issues.
  • Fresher Air – Maintenance involves cleaning your coils and checking air filters to remove dust and other debris.

Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance

We offer emergency AC repair services in your time of need. It’s essential to pay attention to common signs you may need air conditioner repairs, including:

  • No Airflow – If your AC isn’t blowing any air or has weak airflow, we will check your ductwork, blower, compressor, air filters, and coolant levels.
  • Loud Sounds – Strange or loud noises often indicate AC motor issues.
  • Changes in Indoor Air Quality –If you notice high humidity levels in your home, you may have a problem with the air conditioner.
  • Strange Odors –Mold or mildew growth often result in musty or strange odors.
  • Higher Energy Bills –Higher energy bills often result from your AC unit straining to reach comfortable temperature levels.

Why Choose Olson Energy Services?

Olson Energy Services started over 90 years ago as an HVAC company that cared about its customers. Today, we still stand by our grandfather’s motto of “We are here to serve.” We’re here for you every step of the way, from every HVAC installation to maintenance services and beyond. Besides our air conditioner maintenance services, we also offer services for:

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Olson Energy Services provides excellent AC maintenance services to help your system stay in the best possible shape. With our maintenance services, you won’t get stuck in the heat on the year’s hottest days. Contact us today for a free quote.

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