Fireplace Insert Installation in Seattle, WA

Save Energy & Time with Fireplace Insert Installation

Fireplace Insert Installation in Seattle, WA

Save time and energy with a fireplace insert while welcoming warmth and efficiency into your home. Backed by time-honored experience, Olson Energy Service provides various fireplace inserts to accommodate diverse customer needs. Choose Seattle, WA’s leading energy professionals for a seamless fireplace insert installation that brings value to your home.

Functional and Efficient Fireplace Inserts

If the burden of maintenance is keeping your fireplace hearth idle, Olson Energy Service has a solution. Enjoy your fireplace without wasting energy or struggling with heat loss with our fireplace inserts and professional installation. We’re here to make the most of your hearth, convert your outdated masonry fireplace, and amplify the functionality of your home.

Choose a Legacy of Excellence

With a legacy dating back to 1926, Olson Energy Service is the Greater Seattle Area’s partner in premium fireplace insert installation services. Our family-owned and operated business is synonymous with experience, with factory-trained, certified technicians who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Choose our experts for exceptional customer service and results that exceed industry standards.

Benefits of Fireplace Insert Installation

There are several advantages to fireplace insert installation, the most essential being increased use of an existing fireplace that never gets lit due to poor household heating performance. Additional fireplace insert benefits include:

  • Increased energy efficiency and cost-savings
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Enhanced heating performance
  • Improved heat retention
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
  • Prompt and efficient installation
  • Updated aesthetics
  • Greater safety

Welcome Energy Efficiency Into Your Home

Traditional masonry fireplaces experience substantial heat loss directly through the chimney. Some fireplaces lose about 90% of the generated heat. In contrast, fireplace inserts are designed to mirror the function of wood-burning stoves, preserving heat rather than promoting heat loss for enhanced energy efficiency, greater cost-savings, and added comfort during colder months.

Refresh the Look of Your Fireplace

Fireplace inserts modernize the design of your home, eliminating the eyesore of an outdated masonry unit. This is particularly true when you combine fireplace insert installation with an outer heart fireplace upgrade. Olson Energy Service offers a range of easy-to-install options that transform your current fireplace to align with your style preferences.

Our Installation Process

At Olson Energy Service, we ensure you feel informed and confident from start to finish. The process begins by assessing your fireplace to determine the most effective insert solution. Next, we move on to our meticulous installation, producing fast, high-quality results. We finish with quality assurance testing and a demonstration to ensure maximum safety and performance.

Types of Fireplace Inserts

Olson Energy Service offers several fireplace inserts, including wood stoves, electric, and gas-powered units to suit varying preferences. Our premium EPA-certified options follow the same design, including a fitted box that slips into your existing fireplace and an easy-to-clean chimney liner for elevated heat retention and energy efficiency for every fire burned.

Is Fireplace Insert Installation Worth It?

Opt for fireplace insert installation to experience the peak of practicality, beauty, and long-term performance. Reasons to pursue this fireplace upgrade include:

  • Less costly than brick, stone, and mortar upgrades
  • Lightweight for a prompt, minimally disruptive, and affordable installation process
  • Backed by rigorous safety tests and regulatory compliance standards
  • Maximized combustion for reduced fuel waste

Contact Seattle’s Trusted Fireplace Insert Installation Experts Today

A high-performing fireplace spans far beyond just visual charm. When you choose our Seattle experts for your fireplace insert installation, you gain an unrivaled heating solution that exudes energy efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic flair. To revitalize your existing masonry fireplace, contact our friendly team today to get started.

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