An Inside Look at How Air Conditioners Work

Learn How Air Conditioners Works at Olson Energy Service

You know you can count on your air conditioner serving Seattle when you want to cool your room down, but you might not know exactly what’s going on inside the machine. You don’t need to be an HVAC professional to understand the inner workings of your heating and cooling appliances, and this knowledge can help you maintain your units. Check out this video for an inside look at how air conditioners work.

Inside your air conditioner, there is a compressor and cooling tubes. Freon, which is a gas in the system, will become compressed and run through the cooling tubes. The compressed gas turns into a liquid and runs through an expansion valve, and then the liquid evaporates. At this point it becomes a cold gas and cools down the air surrounding the tube coils. A fan then blows this conditioned air into the room to keep your space nice and cool.