• Here’s What the Technician Checks During an Annual Furnace Inspection

    The Seattle weather’s turning cold and you know what that means—it’s time to call for your annual pre-winter furnace inspection . Having your furnace checked and cleaned every year by an HVAC professional is a must if you want to guard against any midwinter breakdowns. You may be wondering, however, just what a furnace inspection entails. How essential is it? These are some of the tasks that happen during a typical furnace inspection:

    Check the Wiring

    If your furnace’s wiring needs to be replaced, it’s better to know that before the winter, when you’ll probably be running it regularly. An inspector can check all the wiring in your furnace and replace any of it that has become corroded or worn-out. This isn’t just important to keep your furnace running—it can also help to prevent fires.

    Inspect the Vents

    Without clear vents, your furnace won’t be able to keep your home comfortable when the temperature falls. In addition to making sure that there are no blocks or leaks inside your vents, an inspector can clean them out to help ensure that your indoor air stays clean and fresh. Your grills and louvers will also be checked during the inspection.

    Check the Heat Exchanger

    The heat exchanger is perhaps the single most important component of your heating system—after all, it’s where the air that circulates through your furnace is heated. An inspector will examine your heat exchanger to make sure that it is still in good condition, and that it hasn’t become rusted or corroded over time.

    Inspect the Drainage System

    Your furnace also needs a working drainage system to continue to provide you with great service. When an HVAC professional looks at your drainage system, he or she will check all the hoses, clean out the condensate drain, and replace the water in the trap.

  • Are Fireplace Inserts Easy to Use?

    Having a fireplace insert allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional fireplace without the expense, inefficiency, and hassle associated with them. If you don’t find yourself making much use of your fireplace—whether because of its condition or because it wastes too much energy—then a fireplace insert may be ideal for your home. You may be wondering, however, how easy it will be to use a fireplace insert regularly. The good news is that fireplace inserts are easy and intuitive to use. All you need to do is switch the insert on in order to have a fire in your fireplace whenever you want one.

    If you want to be able to use your fireplace insert safely, it’s essential to make sure that it is installed correctly. Professional fireplace insert installation will allow you to enjoy your insert as often as you want in your Seattle home.

    Fireplace Insert Usage in Seattle, WA

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Home’s Furnace

    A home furnace in Seattle can hold up for a long time, but you’ll need to maintain it if you want it to last. You can work together with your professional furnace service to ensure that your unit gets the care it needs to continue operating efficiently. Take a look at this video clip and get the most out of your home’s furnace.

    Your home’s furnace needs maintenance, but the good news is that you typically only need to have it serviced once per year. The maintenance that you can do at home is simple and straightforward. Make sure the furnace’s air filter is clean and facing the right way; if it is clogged with debris, take the time to clean it off or replace it. Your heating and air conditioning pro can also check your furnace’s safety sensors and mechanisms as well as run a combustion efficiency test.

  • Choosing a Furnace Filter

    One of the most important parts of maintaining a furnace is changing your air filter regularly. The right air filter not only protects your heat pump or other furnace parts, but it can also improve your indoor air quality. Regular filter changing can also reduce your need for furnace service in Seattle .

    Watch this video for advice on picking the right filter for your furnace. After you find the size of the filter you need, look for one that has a pleated surface area that traps the maximum amount of dust and other contaminants. The best filters have both pleated surfaces and a small, grate-like covering over the pleats that contains an electro-magnetic charge to attract more contaminants. As a general rule, if you can see through a filter, don’t buy it, because it won’t effectively protect your air or your furnace.

  • Exploring Popular Types of Fireplace Inserts

    Is your fireplace sitting unused because the idea of dealing with the hassle of buying firewood, starting a fire, and cleaning up is just too overwhelming? Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds with fireplace inserts. Fireplace inserts let you enjoy the cozy charm of your fireplace and maybe even run your furnace less. Give your heat pump a break and cut your heating bills by enjoying your fireplace with one of these fireplace insert options in Seattle .

    Types of Fireplace Inserts in Seattle, WA

    Gas Inserts

    Gas fireplace inserts help you retain the charm of your fireplace without the mess. To have a gas fireplace insert, you will need natural gas or propane in your yard that is attached to the fireplace insert. Specially designed ceramic logs sit inside the fire chamber to mimic the appearance of natural logs, and gas-powered flames rise up between the logs, creating a realistic-looking fire. The strength of the fire can be controlled with a remote control, and it can be turned on and off with a light switch. This allows you to easily control how much heating it provides and to adjust it as needed. There are both direct-vent and vent-free options. Direct-vent gas fireplaces use your chimney for venting, while vent-free units are self-contained. Your heating and cooling expert can help you select the right one for you.

    Electric Inserts

    Electric fireplace inserts are essentially heaters that also have the appearance of flames. They are even available with wood crackling sound effects for a more authentic experience. They don’t require a chimney or any venting, so they are ideal if your chimney isn’t operational or if you don’t want to deal with chimney maintenance. As with gas fireplace insets, they can be controlled by remotes so that you can easily adjust the heat given off. Many people find electric inserts work especially well in fireplaces that are in smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or offices, that can get chilly but may not need the stronger heating power of a gas-powered system.

  • Benefits of a Home Furnace

    Home furnaces are essential for keeping your home cozy and protecting it from damage caused by cold temperatures. With minimal furnace service, including regularly scheduled maintenance and furnace repair in Seattle , your unit can last for years without the need for replacement.

    When most people think about their home furnaces, they think about the warmth they provide on cold, damp days and the comfort of coming home to a cozy house after being out in the elements. Although these benefits are certainly good, furnaces have a more practical appeal as well. As they are warming your home, they are also warming your pipes, so that they are less likely to freeze and burst, causing expensive water damage.

    If you haven’t had your furnace serviced recently, consider scheduling an appointment for maintenance to ensure it is in top condition as winter approaches. Your furnace service tech can also offer advice on maintaining your furnace between appointments, such as changing your air filter regularly.

    furnace repair in Seattle

  • Upgrading Your Masonry Fireplace with an Insert

    If you love the idea of snuggling up around your fireplace this winter but dread the process of obtaining firewood and building a fire from scratch, you may want to talk to your heating company about the benefits of fireplace inserts . Along with installing a new heat pump or boiler in your household, your furnace technician can also provide you with quality fireplace inserts near Seattle. When you take the time to install a new fireplace insert before the start of the winter season, you can stay warm and toasty on the coldest days. Here is a look at the benefits of upgrading your masonry fireplace with an insert.

    Cut Back on Heating Expenses Masonry Fireplace Installation in Seattle, WA

    When you choose to upgrade your masonry fireplace with an insert, you may find that you are able to cut back on your overall heating expenses for your home. By heating your living spaces with a fireplace insert, you can cut back on your heating bills by 10 percent or more during the coldest months of the year.

    Create a Cozy Atmosphere

    Nothing beats the feeling of gathering around the fireplace on a cold winter’s day. However, conventional masonry fireplaces can require significant amounts of upkeep and cleaning. With a fireplace insert, you will be able to create a cozy atmosphere in your home without the hassles that are associated with conventional fireplaces. A fireplace insert will allow you to create a mood boosting fire with a simple push of a button or flip of a switch.

    Improve Fireplace Safety

    Another terrific advantage of a fireplace insert is that this type of unit is an incredibly safe choice for your household. When you convert your conventional masonry fireplace to an insert, you can rest assured that your home is protected from the dangers of a fire. Since fireplace inserts are completely contained under glass, they do not pose the same safety hazards as traditional fireplaces. If you are dreaming of a new fireplace insert for your home, be sure to get in touch with your HVAC professionals.

  • When to Replace Your Furnace?

    Have your energy bills increased and you can’t figure out why? If so, then it may be time to look for a replacement furnace in Seattle. Just like heat pumps and air conditioners, furnaces lose their efficiency as they near the end of their lifespan. Watch this video to learn more about furnace service and when to replace your furnace .

    Another sign that you may need a new unit is if you’re frequently scheduling furnace repair appointments. A furnace repair that breaks down regularly despite expert maintenance services could be on its last legs. Also, if you’re often adjusting your thermostat or if your home never gets as warm as you would like, then it’s probably time to start looking for a new furnace.