• Signs a Heat Pump Is Right for Your Home

    When you start thinking about heating and cooling appliances for your home, make sure you don’t overlook the benefits that a heat pump near Seattle can offer. Keep in mind, however, that not every home is a suitable candidate for a heat pump. If yours qualifies, this option can help you save energy and money as well as handle both heating and cooling. Keep reading to learn about a few signs that a heat pump is right for your home. heat - pump

    You live in the right environment.

    The purpose of a heat pump is to transfer heat from one location to another; however, you will need a source of heat in order to move it elsewhere. Although this type of heating and cooling unit does rely on electricity to some extent, it primarily uses the surrounding environment. If you have extensive heating or cooling needs that the outdoor environment cannot help satisfy, you might want to choose another system. If your needs are on the moderate side and you live in the right area, however, a heat pump can be a great way to save energy.

    You want to save energy.

    Most heating and cooling appliances will generate heat or cool generated air. For this reason, HVAC appliances often account for a substantial amount of the energy that your household consumes. Heat pumps are unlike these alternatives because they only do a very small amount of heating; the rest of the process involves moving the air around instead. This can cut your energy bills down by a wide margin, which allows you to use your funds for other pressing purposes. A heat pump is also an environmentally-friendly choice in this way, making it great for those who are trying to go green.

    You’re looking for versatile equipment.

    If you are looking for a piece of equipment that can heat and cool your home rather than one or the other, a heat pump may be right for you. You can use this appliance all year long to efficiently and effectively keep your indoor air at a comfortable temperature for your family.

  • How to Get Your Home’s Temperature Right

    A quality air conditioner serving Seattle may be just what you need to get through the summer comfortably, but it could be difficult to keep the temperature consistent between your upper and lower floors. It is possible to achieve the right temperature throughout the house, but you might need the help of an HVAC professional . Watch this video clip on how to get your home’s air conditioner temperature right.

    Many people struggle to keep the temperature even throughout their houses, and this is often due to the location of the thermostat. If your thermostat is on the ground floor, it will base its information off of nearby readings. You can keep your heating and cooling systems running by switching the fan to the “on” position. You could also talk to your air conditioner and HVAC professional about a zone system, which consists of adding a second thermostat to your upper level for better temperature control.

  • The Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

    The function and efficiency of your home’s HVAC unit can significantly affect your family’s comfort, as well as the cost of your monthly energy bill. If you’re not completely satisfied with your AC’s performance, then you may benefit from investing in a new air conditioner serving Seattle.

    New air conditioners can increase the comfort that you enjoy while indoors by cooling properly and contributing to ideal humidity levels. Also, the technology used in newer units can improve your home’s energy efficiency, even if your current AC hasn’t reached the end of its 10 to 15-year lifespan.

    Some homeowners hesitate to invest in a new air conditioner when they aren’t sure how long they will be staying in their home. If you move, it’s true that you won’t be around to enjoy your long-term return on investment, but you will benefit from the increased value that it provides for your property. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of better AC performance for the time that you remain in your home.

    AC Units

  • When to Replace Your Furnace

    Have your energy bills increased and you can’t figure out why? If so, then it may be time to look for a replacement furnace in Seattle. Just like heat pumps and air conditioners, furnaces lose their efficiency as they near the end of their lifespan. Watch this video to learn more about furnace service and when to replace your furnace .

    Another sign that you may need a new unit is if you’re frequently scheduling furnace repair appointments. A furnace repair that breaks down regularly despite expert maintenance services could be on its last legs. Also, if you’re often adjusting your thermostat or if your home never gets as warm as you would like, then it’s probably time to start looking for a new furnace.