• When to Replace Your HVAC System

    Your home’s HVAC near Seattle plays a significant role in keeping your family comfortable while indoors. If you’re wondering if you should replace your current system, then there are a few warning signs to keep in mind: hvac - system

    It’s getting old.

    On average, heating and air conditioning units are designed to last about 10 to 15 years. As your HVAC system nears the end of its lifespan, it may have decreased efficiency and require more frequent repairs. If your system has reached the 10-year mark, then it may be time to pay more attention to its function to determine if it’s running as well as it once did.

    It doesn’t work efficiently.

    Have you noticed an increase in your monthly utility bills? If so, then your HVAC system could be at fault. Sometimes, maintenance and repair are all that’s needed to get a unit working well again but, in other cases, replacement is the better option. Also, if your boiler, furnace, or air conditioner are running for longer periods than they once did, then this can be a sign that it is time to consider replacement. When your HVAC system is running for long periods, this means that it is not cooling or warming your home as quickly as it once did. In turn, the longer that it runs, the more energy it requires, which can result in higher energy bills. If you’re ready to enjoy an HVAC system that runs efficiently, then think about replacing your old one.

    It doesn’t keep you comfortable.

    As HVAC systems begin to fail, they usually struggle to keep the entire home at the right temperature and humidity level. A few signs that could mean that you might benefit from a new HVAC unit include increased or decreased humidity levels, odors or noises while the system runs, and uneven cooling or heating throughout your home. Also, if the unit runs continuously and still fails to reach the set temperature, or if you frequently adjust the thermostat to try to feel more comfortable, then it may be time for a new HVAC system.

  • Spotlight on Duct Cleaning Services

    Are you interested in increasing the quality of your home’s indoor air? If so, then consider services for air duct cleaning near Seattle. If you have central air, then your air conditioner and heater use ductwork to transport conditioned air throughout your home. Over time, buildup can occur within the ducts, or damage to their structure can allow for dirt and moisture to enter the system and lead to mold growth.

    If your ducts have mold, dirt, and other debris in them, the particles and spores might be getting pushed into the rooms of your home every time that the system runs. This can lead to reduced indoor air quality caused by air pollutants and allergens.

    Having an air conditioner and heater service come to clean out the ducts has the potential to increase your home’s indoor air quality. When the air in your home is cleaner, this can help keep your family healthier and reduce any symptoms that they are experiencing which are related to dust, allergen, or mold exposure. Additionally, cleaner ducts can mean better HVAC efficiency and a longer lifespan for the system.

    air - duct - cleaning

  • Could Your Home Benefit from HVAC Zones?

    Your home’s air conditioner and heat pump play a major role in keeping your family comfortable, but their function can account for a significant amount of your household’s energy usage. Are you looking for ways to get more out of your HVAC near Seattle ? If so, then you may benefit from HVAC zones.

    Watch this video to understand the role of zones when it comes to cooling and warming your home. Some rooms in the home are naturally warmer or cooler than others. However, employing an HVAC zoning system can allow the unit to heat and cool your home more evenly. Also, a zoning system can be used to send conditioned air to specific areas of the home when others aren’t in use.

  • A Look at Tankless Water Heaters

    You have to heat your water somehow, but some methods are much more efficient than others. Standard water heaters can be the right choice in certain situations, but you should also consider the advantages of a tankless water heater in Seattle . This type of heating appliance is convenient, energy-efficient, and inexpensive to operate. If you are in the market for a new water heater, feel free to read on and take a look at tankless water heaters.

    If you live in a small space, care about energy-efficiency, and would like to save money on your bills, a tankless water heater may be the way to go. Since this type of water heater does not depend on a large reserve of water, it is much easier to fit one into living spaces of all sizes. The lack of tank also means there is no standby heat loss, which increases the overall efficiency of your water heater and your home. A tankless water heater will heat up your water on the spot, so there is little-to-no waste. This will reduce the cost of your energy bills, allowing you to save money and enjoy a more convenient and efficient household.

    tankless - water - heater

  • Be Proactive with Air Conditioner Maintenance

    The better you take care of your air conditioner serving Seattle , the longer it will last and the more efficient it will be for your home. Chances are you won’t notice any problems with your air conditioner during the winter, so you should check it out before the heat sets in so you have time to make any necessary repairs. You can also talk to your HVAC team for professional service and maintenance, but you should still take care of certain aspects on your own. Continue on and be proactive with your air conditioner maintenance. ac - maintenance

    Check it out early.

    You probably only use your air conditioner for half of the year or less, but it might not be perfectly safe in storage. It’s a good idea to check your unit out before the warm weather fully comes rolling through; in the event that you do find some sort of problem, you will have time to address it before you need it. The last thing you want is to set your air conditioner up on a hot day only to find that it has a serious malfunction and must be repaired or replaced if you want relief from the heat. If you were having trouble with your air conditioner before you packed it up for the season, it is especially important that you take a look earlier rather than later.

    Schedule maintenance services.

    You’re not alone when it comes to air conditioner maintenance. Professional air conditioner contractors are happy to help you keep your air conditioner in top shape for as long as possible. Talk to your HVAC specialist about an air conditioner maintenance schedule and make sure you stick to it so you can enjoy a cool, comfortable, and affordable summer.

    Change your filters.

    Working with the pros is a great idea, but there are ways you can take care of your air conditioner on your own as well. Make sure you change the air filters whenever they get dirty; this can increase the efficiency of your unit as well as improve your indoor air quality.