What is a Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Are you considering your different options for air conditioning near Seattle? Mini-split systems offer heating and cooling solutions for areas that lack central air conditioners or heating systems.


Mini-split air conditioners are ductless units that are used to cool a room or area of a building. These units are similar to central systems in that they have both an indoor and outdoor component. Mini-splits consist of an outdoor condenser/compressor and an indoor air-handling unit.


Mini Spilt Air Conditioner While there are numerous potential applications for these air conditioners, most often they are installed as retrofit add-ons for buildings that lack a ducted heating system. Examples can include homes that are heated using radiant panels, space heaters, or hot water heat. Mini-split air conditioners are also an excellent cooling solution for small apartments and room additions where it may not be feasible to install ductwork.


Due to their small size and the flexibility of their installation, mini-split air conditioners can be used to cool a single area or room. Additionally, many models can have up to 4 indoor handling units connected to a single outdoor condenser/compressor. Because each indoor unit has an individual thermostat, you can save money by cooling only the areas that you wish. Mini-splits also tend to be easier to install than other cooling systems. Most styles require only a 3-inch-wide hole through the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor components, and your indoor air-handling units can be as far as 50 feet from the outdoor apparatus. This allows home and business owners to install the outside section in an inconspicuous place, if necessary.


The primary drawback that you will face if you opt for a mini-split air conditioner is the cost. These systems will require more investment per ton of cooling capacity when compared to central units, assuming there is already ductwork present, and can cost significantly more than a window cooling unit. Additionally, mini-splits can be more conspicuous than central air vents, but they are generally less obtrusive than window air conditioners.